God has a hidden plan to bring you to life.

God's Plan for Your Life is Revealed in the Whisper of the Persecuted!

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Jeff is one of the world's leading experts on Christian persecution and religious freedom, but his passion is to share the lessons of spiritual growth derived from the hidden world of the martyrs and the persecuted.


He frequently appears in interviews with major media outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox, BBC, Washington Post, CBN, the Sunday Times, and numerous others. Jeff has been the president of International Christian Concern since 2003 and is the author of Islam Uncensored and Last Words of the Martyrs.

His latest book, a 30-day devotional, is coming soon.


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The lesson that the martyrs are ‘whispering’ to the Western Church is life-changing because it comes from the heart of the Father, directly to every believer. The martyrs’ message is of great importance, and I urge you to listen carefully to their voice that Jeff has captured so well.

- Pat Robertson, The 700 Club


There is something incredibly special about suffering with Jesus that we miss out on. I want to join the persecuted, I want to join Paul and the apostles, and Jesus.

- Francis Chan, author, teacher,
and preacher

The persecuted Church deals with suffering and death, but their hidden message to you is all about life. True life that you desperately desire. 

Jeff speaks passionately about the lessons of the martyrs that will deeply touch you and give you a compass to navigate your spiritual journey. 


Life-Changing Stories from Persecuted Believers who Paid the Ultimate Price

"The journey I’m about to take you on will be very hard, especially if you have a sensitive heart. But, I urge you not to turn away from the suffering body of Jesus. While on the surface, the martyrs’ testimonies deal with suffering and death, their hidden message is all about life—the life that you desperately thirst for.

The path to the hidden spring with that life-giving water is revealed by the martyr’s whisper to you." - Jeff King

If you would like to buy this book, please call International Christian Concern at 800-422-5441 to place your order or will soon be available on Amazon.

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The Last Words
of the Martyrs


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Our life train seems to run off the tracks repeatedly, and it appears like  there's a new life crisis around every corner.


In each new life crisis, we frantically and furiously look for an escape and cry out to God to rescue us from the prison we find ourselves in.

Persecuted believers are continually jailed, tortured, and even murdered.  Yet, they are the most devoted believers you will find on earth.  Their churches are vibrant and the fastest growing in the world.  Their love for the Lord is incredible, and the presence of God in their life is undeniable.

In the depths of their worst suffering, during imprisonment and torture, many persecuted believers have discovered a secret to the life's journey.

Understanding what they learned in the darkest periods of their life will save your sanity when your own life turns upside down.


Find out how the Lord longs to use your crisis and suffering to transform you into someone you would never have believed you could become.


Jeff's Podcast, Into The Deep, will deepen and challenge your walk by introducing you to the persecuted, church leaders, and those who have been learning the lessons of oppressed Christians. Let them show you the path to real life.