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Discover more from the lives of those who gave theirs to follow Jesus.

The 40 Day Challenge

Are you ready to experience radical transformation in your walk with Christ?

Were you inspired by the courage of Shabazz, the commitment of Chris Leggett, and the testimonies of all the other martyrs that you met in the LWOTM?

Do you want to illuminate the dark corners of your inbox with spiritual truth?

Let these martyrs lead you on a new journey of spiritual growth through a free 40 Day Challenge.

Inside, you will find exclusive insight into the lives and spiritual journeys of the men and women in the LWOTM who navigated persecution with an enduring faithfulness. Follow in their footsteps by opting into the 40 Day Challenge: an opportunity to learn how to make God your treasure.

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(If you have not had the chance to read the book yet – no worries! Feel free to start here, and then read the book if you are interested in the complete stories of the martyrs.)

Thank you for joining me on this journey – I can’t wait to see where it leads you.

Jeff King

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