The Last Words of the Martyrs

On the surface, the martyrs’ testimonies deal with suffering and death, their hidden message though is all about life — the life that you desperately desire.

The martyrs’ whisper reveals a path to a hidden spring with life-giving water.  LWOTM received a complete refresh and has been released on Amazon.

The Last words of the martyrs is life-changing.

– Pat Robertson, the 700 club

coming Spring 2023

Jeff’s newest book is a
30-day devotional

Jeff’s 30 day devotional based on the lessons of the persecuted church is coming in Spring 2023.

​Join hands with the persecuted and the martyr to learn their life giving secrets. Understand that our pain and suffering are merely a door the Lord wants to walk you through to a transformed life!

Islam Uncensored

In Islam Uncensored, Jeff interviews fourteen leaders from multiple backgrounds, including Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, Jews, Atheists, and Muslims, to formulate an accurate and clear view of Islam.

The intersection of Islam and the West is a highly contentious space. Still, the average person usually has little time or inclination to do the research required to answer this crucial question, “what is Islam?”

In Islam Uncensored, Jeff King sets out to answer this question by interviewing a broad spectrum of experts on Islam to see if there are any common threads of truth.

The interviewees reflect our fractured and discordant culture. Though war would probably break out if these experts were ever locked in a room together and told to define Islam, the aspects of Islam on which they agree are stunning.

Although this is incredible diversity regarding each expert’s worldview, political orientation, and religious preference, you will be stunned by what they say in common about Islam in Jeff King’s Islam Uncensored.

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As one of the world’s leading experts on religious freedom, Jeff is a fascinating guest. His long service to the persecuted church has given him deep insight into spiritual growth and has helped him discover why persecuted churches, constantly attacked, imprisoned, and tortured, are the fastest growing churches in the world and the most vibrant.