A Contract with God

The pivotal moment in your life as a Christian usually comes in crisis.

The persecuted teach us this and experience it in the depth of their suffering.

It is typically in that moment that complete surrender comes: where you tell God, you have my whole life: good or bad, rich or poor, life or death.

For the Bill and Vonette Bright, (the Founders of Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU), this moment was reflected in their contract with God.

It was an act of total surrender is the key to a life of effective ministry.

If you would like to make your own contract with God,
here is a model closely based on the Bright’s contract with God:

A Contract with God

From this day, Lord, (your name[s]), we surrender and relinquish all of our past, present, and future rights and material possessions to you.

As an act of the will, by faith, I/we choose to become Your slave(s) and do whatever You want me/us to do.

I/we will go wherever You want me/us to go, say whatever You want me/us to say, no matter what it costs, for the rest of my/our lives.

With Your help, I/we will never again seek the praise or applause of men or the material wealth of the world.

Signed: ___________________
Date: ___________________