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You've heard about the persecuted. But are you ready to live—truly live—like them?


As you may know, over the last 20 years, I have ministered to the suffering persecuted church around the world. Beaten, scorned, murdered, and discarded, these brothers and sisters only grew stronger in their faith and trust in the Lord. 

While ministering to them in their pain, I learned from the rich depths of their faith, and I took these lessons with me into my own life. 

So many of us hunger and thirst for a deep relationship with the Lord, and He is calling us on a journey to serve him through the trials and tribulations of our own lives. 


Will you join me on this journey?


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a Message from
Jeff King to
ICC Followers


Thank you for walking alongside ICC as we have served the persecuted over the last 27 years. My hope and prayer is that their lives have touched your own, and that you have been ministered to as well.


God called me in 2003 to a special role in serving his suffering children as President of International Christian Concern. While ministering to persecuted believers around the world, I began to hear a quiet, life-changing message from the Persecuted to believers in the West, a message that would change my faith forever.


Since then, God has magnified their message far beyond what I hoped and believed could happen, leading many believers to a stronger, more fortified relationship with Him. And today, I’m excited to share that the message is GROWING through my new blog: The Jeff King Blog.


If you are hungry for more spiritual truths, more deep dives into the Word, and more encouragement – this is the place for you. My humble hope and prayer is that the Jeff King Blog will be a space for continued spiritual growth as we dive deeper into God’s word together through weekly videos, study guides, and blog posts. 


Start your journey and learn from the persecuted here!

Jeff King
President, International Christian Concern