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The intersection of Islam and the West is a highly contentious space. Still, the average person usually has little time or inclination to do the research required to answer this crucial question, “what is Islam?”

In Islam Uncensored, Jeff King sets out to answer this question by interviewing a broad spectrum of experts on Islam to see if there are any common threads of truth.

The interviewees reflect our fractured and discordant culture. Though war would probably break out if these experts were ever locked in a room together and told to define Islam, the aspects of Islam on which they agree are stunning.

This free booklet gives you a glimpse into the world of Islam.

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About Jeff

Jeff King grew up in an atheist/agnostic home in Washington, DC. At age 23, after reading the Bible on his own for 10 years, he came to Christ through the faithful witness of believers he met as he walked from one bar to the next in college.

In 1992, after a decade in the Corporate and Mortgage Banking sectors, the Lord called Jeff to join the staff of CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) where he worked under the Jesus Film working on closed countries.

He helped found CRU’s Macedonia Project in 1997 and served until 2002 as Director of Marketing and Promotion. The ministry trained U.S. Christians to spread the gospel to unreached people groups around the world.

In the fall of 2002, the Lord used a dream to call Jeff to the mission and work of International Christian Concern where he has served as president of the organization.

Jeff’s is also the author of Islam Uncensored. Jeff interviewed a broad spectrum of experts on Islam that reflected our fractured and discordant culture: leftists, right winders, atheists, liberal Muslims, a radical Muslim leader, Jews, Christians, feminists, etc.

What emerged from this disparate group was a startling core message and common viewpoint that crossed the lines of tribe and culture.

Jeff has traveled to approximately 65 nations around the globe. His inspiring stories and incredible life experiences, combined with his passion for the persecuted, make him an energetic and compelling speaker.