Most Christians who come into contact with the persecuted are transformed and forever changed. Nowhere else in the world do you see such complete devotion to the Lord and such high cost. They simply show us what the church can and should be.

Persecution has taught our Christian brothers and sisters some significant lessons, but are these lessons relevant to us, in our time, in our culture, and in the society we live in?

The Last Words of the Martyrs Booklet serves as a content-rich but digestible downloadable booklet. These stories are on-ramps to the impactful stories in The Last Words of the Martyrs.


  • A 58-page ​printable PDF book with life-changing stories from persecuted martyrs worldwide.
  • Testimonies from the persecuted church.
  • Spiritual lessons to help you with your Christian walk.
  • A window into the lives of those who have paid the highest cost for their faith.

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