From the author, Jeff King:

During my long journey of serving the persecuted Church, around the world, I began to hear the whisper of the martyrs: a quiet, life-changing message to myself and the Western Church. It took me years to understand their message, but once I heard, I felt compelled to share it with others.

The journey I’m about to take you on will be very hard, especially if you have a sensitive heart. But, I urge you not to turn away from the suffering body of Jesus. While on the surface, the martyrs’ testimonies deal with suffering and death, their hidden message is all about life—the life that you desperately thirst for.

The path to the hidden spring with that life-giving water is revealed by the martyr’s whisper to you.

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On the surface, the martyrs’ testimonies deal with suffering and death, their hidden message though is all about life — the life that you desperately desire.

The martyrs’ whisper reveals a path to a hidden spring with life-giving water. LWOTM received a complete refresh and has been released on Amazon.

40 Day Challenge:
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Those who have been introduced to the persecuted church are transformed and there’s a simple answer for that. Nowhere else will you see such incredible devotion to the Lord at such high cost.

This kind of example changes you permanently when you come in contact with it. I’ve always said that it’s like looking in a mirror but not recognizing the reflection. You are forced to ask the question if that’s a Christian, then what am I? It’s not about guilt but seeing Christianity played out on another level entirely than what you are used to.

My desire is not to sell books but to see your heart transformed by coming into contact with the persecuted church. To help that process, I’ve developed a 40 day series of devotions that we will send to you daily. It’s the same message of the book but different content.

Too many devotionals today are very light, not challenging, and only scratch the surface of your faith. These devotionals are not that. They are in depth and challenging and my desire is to introduce you to those you will never meet to learn the lessons they have.

They transformed me and I would love to share the effect they’ve had on me with you.

Jeff King
International Christian Concern

What others are saying:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend “The Last Words of the Martyrs” to you. The lesson that the martyrs are “whispering” to the Western Church is life-changing.

Pat Robertson

The 700 Club

As we read his stories we are reminded that spiritual battle is real and that only eternity will wipe away all tears. This book is a wake up call.

Erick Schenkel

Former President, The JESUS Film, Campus Crusade for Christ

This book will challenge you and it will cause you to grow. It will take you on a journey with the Lord to a new depth of knowing what it means to follow Him and walk with Him.

Congressman Dennis Ross

U.S. Congress, Fl, 15th District

Jeff’s message about martyrs and the persecuted is compelling and it is my hope that all who read his book will be motivated to get involved.

Frank Wolf

U.S. Congress, retired (1981-2014)

This book gets you out of your comfort zone; it teaches you through the lives of today’s martyrs… and that the great commission includes the readiness to die for the sake of the Gospel.

Brother Rachid

The World’s Most Prominent Arab Evangelist In the Middle East

It will inspire you to link arms with the persecuted and to move you to the place where the Lord has wanted to take you all along.

Kent Ingle

President, Southeastern Christian University

Learn more about:

Jeff King

Jeff King grew up in an atheist/agnostic home in Washington, DC. At age 23, after reading the Bible on his own for 10 years, he came to Christ through the faithful witness of believers he met as he walked from one bar to the next in college.

In 1992, after a decade in the Corporate and Mortgage Banking sectors, the Lord called Jeff to join the staff of CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) where he worked under the Jesus Film working on closed countries.

He helped found CRU’s Macedonia Project in 1997 and served until 2002 as Director of Marketing and Promotion. The ministry trained U.S. Christians to spread the gospel to unreached people groups around the world.

In the fall of 2002, the Lord used a dream to call Jeff to the mission and work of International Christian Concern where he has served as president of the organization.

Jeff’s is also the author of Islam Uncensored. Jeff interviewed a broad spectrum of experts on Islam that reflected our fractured and discordant culture: leftists, right winders, atheists, liberal Muslims, a radical Muslim leader, Jews, Christians, feminists, etc.

What emerged from this disparate group was a startling core message and common viewpoint that crossed the lines of tribe and culture.

Jeff has traveled to approximately 65 nations around the globe. His inspiring stories and incredible life experiences, combined with his passion for the persecuted, make him an energetic and compelling speaker.

International Christian Concern

International Christian Concern (ICC) exists to relieve the suffering of the worldwide persecuted church and help it grow in strength and breadth. ICC accomplishes its mission through effective assistance, advocacy and awareness with integrity toward God and our donors.

ICC acts as a bridge between believers in free countries and believers in persecuted countries. This bridge carries encouragement, prayers, and aid in while news, requests, and love flow back over the bridge. The bridge also allows for the voices and concerns of the persecuted to be heard by the Church so that we might move the rest of the world to action on their behalf.

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