Meet Jeff

Author • Speaker • Religious Freedom Expert • Spiritual Motivator
Jeff is one of the world’s leading experts on religious freedom and the president of International Christian Concern (ICC).

He’s traveled to 70+ countries and been interviewed or quoted by most major media, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox, BBC, Washington Post, CBN, and numerous others.

Jeff’s inspiring stories, incredible experiences, and passion for the persecuted make him an insightful and compelling speaker and guest in any medium.

He loves to teach the secrets of spiritual growth derived from the hidden world of the martyrs and the persecuted. Jeff is the author of Islam Uncensored, Last Words of the Martyrs, and The Whisper.

Speaking: Religious Freedom

Since 2003, Jeff has served as the president of International Christian Concern. He is one of the world’s leading experts on religious freedom and has testified before Congress and advocated for the persecuted from the halls of Congress to the State Department and White House. Jeff speaks boldly and honestly about the struggles of those persecuted for their religion and the growing hatred of Christians in the West, and the ominous legal and cultural trends that point to a troubling future for those of faith.

Jeff King addresses the murder of a young Christian woman in Iraq who was slayed over a TikTok video.


Speaking: Spiritual Growth

At conferences and in Churches, Jeff loves to share the stories of the persecuted and the life changing spiritual insights they offer.

By inviting Jeff to speak at your event, you will have an opportunity to gain fresh insights and lasting inspiration.

Jeff King speaking on the stage at Saddleback Church.

author of 3 Books

Jeff is the author of three books with more on the way. Islam Uncensored, published in 2011, is a record of Jeff’s interviews with experts on Islam, including a former CIA Director and the United Kingdom’s highest-profile radical Islamist.

Last Words of the Martyrs (LWOTM), released in 2019, (also being re-released in Sept 2022) reveals the spiritual lessons of the persecuted and martyrs. His latest book is a 30-day devotional to be released in Fall 2022.

1 Million Followers

After over 20 years of leading International Christian Concern, Jeff has helped amass a following of almost one million followers for the ministry.

His podcast (the Jeff King Podcast), focuses on spiritual growth and religious freedom.