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The Jeff King Podcast will deepen and challenge your walk by introducing you to the persecuted, church leaders, and those who’ve been learning the lessons of oppressed Christians. Let them show you the path to real Life.

About the podcast

“For nearly two decades, I’ve served the persecuted and martyrs as president of a Christian ministry. When I was called into this work, the Lord told me to listen to oppressed Christians as they had an important message for the Church. I listened to the “whisper” of the persecuted for over a decade before I was able to understand what the Lord was trying to teach me.

Much of my work, including my letters, books, and podcast, is focused on sharing those life-changing lessons they gave me.

The testimonies and interviews you will hear in the Jeff King Podcast will take you on the same journey I’ve been on. They deal with persecution, but more broadly on those vital spiritual lessons that we learn from the martyrs, persecuted, and the suffering we all go through in our lives.” – Jeff King

Jeff with Senator Lankford

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Jeff is one of the world’s leading experts on religious freedom and the lessons of spiritual growth derived from the hidden world of the martyrs and the persecuted.

Jeff has appeared in interviews with many major media outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox, BBC, Washington Post, CBN, the Sunday Times, and numerous others. He’s been the president of International Christian Concern (ICC),, since 2003.