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During Jeff's long journey of serving the persecuted Church, around the world, he began to hear the whisper of the martyrs: a quiet, life-changing message to myself and the Western Church.


While on the surface, the martyrs’ testimonies deal with suffering and death, their hidden message is all about life—the life that you desperately thirst for.

Pray for the Persecuted:
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The Persecuted need prayer now more than ever. In just the last decade, thousands of believers around the world have been displaced, murdered, attacked, abused, and punished for their faith in Jesus. Join us in making a commitment to lift our brothers and sisters in Christ up in prayer.

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Forget everything you’ve heard about Islam.
Islam Uncensored:
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Are you tired of the simplistic cultural conversation about the nature of Islam? Jeff King interviews fourteen leaders and experts on Islam that span the ideological spectrum within religion, politics, and worldview to get to the bottom of one of today’s most controversial and timely subjects...

what IS the nature of Islam?

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Clear away the clouds around your path to Life, so you too will see where the Lord is taking you in your spiritual journey. 


The study you are about to embark on is to show you a few simple yet profound truths that were revealed to Jeff as he served the persecuted church. 

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