A 30-Devotional journey

Twenty years ago, the Lord called me to serve the persecuted church through a miraculous dream—it was so clear, I had complete certainty regarding the Lord’s path for me.

Then, when I started, with ICC, the Lord repeatedly told me to listen to the persecuted because they had a lesson of great importance for myself and the whole church.

​My new 30 day devotional Coming Spring 2023, was written to share with you some of what I’ve learned from them.

While you aren’t imprisoned for you faith, I’m going to bet you have found yourself in the prison of exhaustion, anxiety, disease, financial struggle, divorce, emptiness, or loneliness.

Like the persecuted, you know what it is to be in “prison,” at the end of your rope, without the strength to do your time.

The good news is that there is a secret food to fill your starving belly and an otherworldly water to quench your thirst amidst your struggles.

More importantly, the persecuted have a map for you to navigate this hard and confusing journey we call life.

I also pray you will take from the persecuted, what they long to hand to you: a passport to get into the land that lays at the end of your journey.

The place the Lord is taking you.

Let’s begin the journey!

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