The Whisper:

Lessons of Renewal Whispered from Prisons of the Persecuted
A 30 Devotional

In 2003, I was called to work with the persecuted through the means of a miraculous dream. In those early days, the Lord kept impressing on me that I was to listen to the persecuted because they had a message of great importance, not just me but for all the Church. Basically, He was telling me to “Listen, Learn, and Shout!”

Soon afterwards, I was in China and I interviewed several pastors who had spent decades in concentration camps for their faith. When I asked them about persecution, they said it was a gift. Then, they told me their biggest worry:

“Our biggest worry is the pastors (they were mentoring) haven’t been hunted, tortured, and murdered like we have been,” they answered.

They had my attention!

Those Chinese pastors gave me a gift that took years to unwrap. I wrote this book to share with you the treasure that persecuted Christians have given me. I want you to hear and learn from them as I have. Their lessons are embedded into 30 daily devotions centered around stories of persecution

We’ve All Been In Prison!

Even though you haven’t been imprisoned for your faith, we all find ourselves in the prison of exhaustion, loneliness, anxiety, disease, financial struggle, or divorce. Like the persecuted, you know what it is to be in prison without the strength to endure your sentence.

This is why you must journey with those who have suffered the most and been transformed in the process. Their lessons will become a light, a compass, and a map for your journey through life. The persecuted and the martyrs are about to start whispering to you as they did me. They are going to change you, as they did me.

“It all starts with asking the Lord to give you the ears to hear the life-changing lessons whispered to you from the cells and graves (of the persecuted).”

All Profits Go To Martyr Families

All profits from the sale of “The Whisper: Lessons of Renewal Whispered from the Prisons of the Persecuted Church” go to support the families of martyrs and the book will be available in the next few weeks on Amazon.