What is your calling in life? One woman who had no doubts about her calling was Amy Carmichael, who spent her life serving India’s oppressed and spreading the gospel throughout the nation for 50 years.

Through her ministry, she began to serve women who were trapped in sexual slavery at local temples. Disrupting the religious and cultural norms of the time, Carmichael soon found herself as the target of persecution, yet she persevered in ministry. As she grew older and began to face health struggles, she continued sharing the gospel in her community and around the world by writing books.

Regardless of the calling God has placed on your life, it is our mission to serve Him faithfully and give Him our heart. It’s not necessarily about the work we do, but the heart behind it. May we learn from Carmichael’s example and faithfully serve the Lord with all we have.

Start Living Like the Persecuted!