With the Olympics on everyone’s screens this month, the story of Eric Liddell often pops into my mind. He competed in the 1924 Olympics and he was slated to dominate in the 100 meter race. The only problem was that his race was scheduled on a Sunday.

Humbly, he said that he could not participate in order to observe the Sabbath. Quickly shifting gears, Liddell’s coach secured him a spot in the 400 meter race, a distance that he had not physically trained for. Shocking the world, he went on to win that race.

Following that race, Liddell went on to live an incredible life as a missionary in China and then as a light within an internment camp in World War II. While he didn’t become famous until after his passing, Liddell’s legacy went on to teach millions about the importance of obedience to the Lord. I encourage you today to follow his example by letting the Lord lead your path, wherever that may take you.