In China, we see one of the fastest growing churches in the world. This growth is taking place in spite of the brutal persecution that the communist regime has thrown at the church in recent decades. One church leader who suffered under this oppression is a believer named Watchman Nee.

When the communist regime began cracking down on China’s Christian community, many of Watchman Nee’s followers fled to Taiwan. When asked why he remained, he said, “If a house was burning down, what mother would not rush back in to save her children?”

Watchman Nee wound up spending the next 20 years in prison, where he ultimately died, but his legacy lives on despite the Chinese government’s best efforts. The lives that he touched through his evangelism, and later his books, have numbered in the millions. I pray that you are encouraged by the lessons that we can learn from his life as a pillar in the persecuted church