Late last year, we witnessed an attack on a Nigerian village at the hands of Fulani militants. Ten Christians were killed and 100 homes were reduced to ashes. As we waded through the rubble, we came upon graffiti on the wall from Fulani militants taking credit for the violence and calling on the Nigerian government for even more freedom to wreak havoc.

The writing was literally on the wall. Time after time, attack after attack, we have seen the Nigerian government turning a blind eye to the violence. It is clear that the attacks are much more nefarious than the government’s narrative of a complicated farmer-herder conflict.

Will you help us in two ways by spreading the word and calling the Nigerian embassy in your country to advocate for the nation’s Christians? Please join us in politely, but firmly, calling for action against this ongoing violence. Thank you for raising your voice with us on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters!