India Video

Graphic Warning: Video contains a mob of radical Hindus beating several Christians.

This video is referenced in The Last Words of the Martyrs Chapter 13: Finding Life in the Graveyard of Hope. To understand the decision to show this video, below is an excerpt from the chapter:

That video was a turning point for me. Before viewing it, I avoided showing audiences extremely violent examples of persecution. After watching that film, I decided to stop “Protecting” the Western Church from the pain of the persecuted Church, whether or not it drove potential donors away. The press doesn’t usually show the persecution of Christians, So I felt burdened to wake the sleeping, sheltered Western Church to the suffering of the body of Christ.

Study Guides & Small Group Materials

Most Christians who come into contact with the persecuted are transformed and forever changed. Nowhere else in the world do you see such complete devotion to the Lord and such high cost. They simply show us what the Church can and should be.

Persecution has taught our Christian brothers and sisters some significant lessons; but are these lessons relevant to us, in our time, in our culture and in the society we live in? We invite your Christian community to make that determination for itself.

In a Christian community we are wiser and stronger. We are more resilient together than we are alone. For that reason, ICC is offering a free copy of The Last Words of the Martyrs: Study Guide. Each of the ten sessions includes questions to facilitate group conversation, uncover significant truths and answer pressing questions.